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Burma part 3: Valley of the temples

Well, once again it's been a really long time without posting. Life has got in the way and I kept putting posting off because I couldn't find time to write elaborate posts. I've recently thought that it's time to try a different approach. Perhaps the way to go is to give more space to the pictures themselves and not worry so much about the writing. This is after all a photography blog, and the images should be able to speak for themselves. So with that in mind, here are some pictures from my time in Bagan, the valley of the temples.

Schwezigon Stupa

Young monk at Sulamuni temple

Bagan is completely littered with thousands of stupas and temples. It's quite an unbelievable view, almost no matter where you are standing. But if you manage to be on high ground for a sunrise or sunset, you are in for a special treat.

View of the sunrise from Shwe San Daw stupa
Cattle herders
Cattle herders

If you get a chance to see Bagan from the air, get in touch with Balloons Over Bagan, it's well worth it.

BOB (Balloons Over Bagan) crew getting the balloons ready
BOB (Balloons Over Bagan) crew getting the balloons ready

Going for a walk on the banks of the Irrawaddy we run into a group of teenage Baganese girls that collecting sand into sacks and loading it into a truck. It was incredibly hard work, but as usual with the Burmese, they were still all smiles. We spent sometime talking to them (mostly through hand signs) and taking a few pictures, which they seemed to get a kick out of watching in our camera displays.

Efisio showing photos to Baganese sand-carrying girls

Later on in the day we visited Shwesandaw pagoda, which houses a very large reclining Buddha statue, and where we met some young monks that were visiting it as part of on a pilgrimage.

Monk by reclining buddha statue